Holofcener does a lot of TV directing, and her movies can kind of feel like long TV episodes. This feels like a sitcom ep, it's a whole movie about a, in the grand scheme of things, meaningless relationship problem and you know from the get-go that no substantial change in these characters' lives will come from it, in the end they will more or less return to the status quo with maybe the tiniest of perspective-shifts, ready for the next meaningless thing to blow out of proportion.

This is meant as a compliment, though. This is what most of life is like, and I'm starved for movies about real people with mundane problems. Louis-Dreyfus is, of course, fantastic, Michaela Watkins is a scene-stealer as always. David Cross' and Amber Tamblyn's therapy sessions play like a very funny parody of those "how we met" couple talking-heads in When Harry Met Sally.

Like every Holofcener movie I don't expect this to be one I'll keep thinking about, but I'm sure I'll be reminded of it every once in a while and go "Oh, right, that was a fun one".