This is good. I like this. Visually it's obviously stunning, though I wouldn't go as far as some people on Twitter have, calling it literally a new art-form or even really a new evolution for animated movies. It's just a comic book movie made by people who actually like comic books and want their movie to look like that, and that's great.

But I guess I'm simply over Multiverse stories. They end up being basically trailer reels for movies I would rather see. I'd like to see a movie that didn't resolve the interesting conflict Gwen Stacy has with her dad, with all its allegorical weight, in precisely one conversation, in literally the very next scene these two characters share after the conflict has been set up. But this movie doesn't have time for that, because there's »bigger« things going on. I'd like to see a movie about Indian Spider-Man, or about *just* Miles, or even about Andy Samberg's clone saga Spider-Man. I'd like to see a movie about any of these characters, really, as long as it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

What we get instead is a movie that consists of about 70% exposition and *still* doesn't manage to really set up what the villain's deal is. That is at least half an hour too long and has about five endings, *and* doesn't have a real ending at all. 

It succeeded in making me wanna see another one. But it also left me frustrated.