Watched this when it came out on Netflix and since then I've been telling everyone, whenever the opportunity came up, that they need to watch it and that it's the best thing Netflix ever put out. I honestly thought I was being a little hyperbolic, but watching it again, it turns out I was just being accurate and continue to be right 100% of the time.

Seriously, this is a marvel, probably one of my favorite pieces of non-fiction filmmaking ever at this point. It's an extremely personal, specific movie that's tied to a very particular time and place and tells a story that would frankly be unbelievable if it was made up, yet gets at truly universal, timeless themes. It happens to push some hyperspecific buttons for me (lost media and how it can become a sort of folklore through its absence, rage at gatekeepers of any kind), but if you've ever had any desire to make art, or if you just care about movies, or really, if you've ever been young and hopeful and stupid, I cannot imagine this not pushing *some* buttons.