He‘s red and calling a living thing »YouTube Red« is funny to me, don‘t know what to tell ya

cause he’s a bug

A friend who now hates me used to call the mess of cables in my apartment a »fire hazard«, and this boy looks like he should be a fire boy but he‘s inexplicably an electricity boy. Honestly, my finest work.

no idea

The Pokémon is called »Yungoos« and Young Goose in Topgun Maverick is played by Miles Teller.

My dad is called Ralf and I think this boy‘s name kinda sounds like that?

For my whole childhood I thought that was a mouth, but 3D Pokémon has proven it‘s supposed to be a nose, so now everytime I see this boy I think of Harlan Ellison‘s »I have no mouth and I must scream«.

no idea on the next two. bird boys are the hardest to name that is a known fact

Exceptionally dumb even for me. The description says something like »it‘s stronger than it looks« and I thought »you know what else is stronger than it looks an ant«.

cause autocorrect always correct‘s »fucking« to »ducking«

what else am i gonna name a donkey?

may or may not update this later.