Twitter thread about Nathan Fielder discourse

  • A lot of people responding to this with variations of »That’s the point, idiot!«, which is…weird to me. Like, yes, that’s the point, yes, Fielder is highlighting the inherently exploitative nature of reality TV, but that doesn’t absolve him from being exploitative himself?
  • Like, I don’t understand how you can say you »get« what Fielder is doing and not think that being angry at it is a valid, even expected if not desired response. »It’s satire, stupid!« doesn’t absolve Fielder from the inherent ickyness of fucking with real people’s lives.

  • The other day there was a post about how the one douchey guy from the second ep felt exploited by it, and a lot of people responded by basically going, »Lol he sucks he deserves it«, and, like…you get that that exact thought is what drives a lot of reality TV, right?

  • Like, so much of this genre is making fun of people who are quote-unquote »stupid« or whatever »Yeah, well, they also acted like creeps on the show so they deserve it« is central to how ~smart, educated~ people justify watching something that they know is exploitative.

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Sebastian Moitzheim @smoitzheim