Lese gerade ein Paper darüber, warum viele Spitzenpolitiker*innen angeblich autistisch wären, und das hier ist jawohl Peak “When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail”-Denken. Ein Brite ist fußballbegeistert, truly a remarkable observation.

Screenshot eines wissenschaftlichen Artikels mit dem Text: Additionally, Brown may have some tendency toward intense and restricted interests. He has spent a lifetime in politics, even writing a doctoral thesis on political change in his native Scotland (Brown, 1981). A biography of the former prime minister has been called “a study in political obsession” (Sylvester, 2004). Yet Brown appears to have room for one more enthusiasm. His Labor Party homepage claims he was “football1-obsessed” as a little boy (The Labour Party, n.d.), and as prime minister he was still “totally obsessed” with the sport (Hencke, 2008), demonstrating “encyclopedic knowledge” of football and footballers (McBride, 2014, p. 30).